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Capacity Building

SWYJ through its associated firms is blessed with adequate resources to provide wide range services in relation to the “capacity building” for individuals and corporate entities.  It is worth mentioning that the services provided in this segment have been loudly appreciated by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as number of non-governmental national and international agencies operating in the social sector.   

SWYJ believes that the concept of capacity building in non-profits is similar to the concept of organizational development, organizational effectiveness and/or organizational performance management in for-profits. Capacity building efforts can include a broad range of approaches, e.g., granting operating funds, granting management development funds, providing training and development sessions, providing coaching, supporting collaboration with other non-profits, etc.

The level of complexity increases as the organization grows.  Capacity building for the managers and accountants is targeted by SWYJ and its affiliates while offering any such assistance to support the organization’s expectation.

Continuous changes in the business environment have forced organizations to find the best strategies to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. We help to keep things simple. In doing so we create lean business processes, with comprehensive and integrated system and procedures to support the business processes involving:

  • Training in budgeting, budgetary control systems and profit forecasting reviews;
  • Assisting top financial management in developing accounting systems;
  • Assisting managers in establishing costing, stock control and information systems;
  • Capacity building for managers in compilation of Standard Operating Procedures; and
  • Training accountants in installing and implementing accounting software(s) etc.

For details please feel free to contact business advisory division of SWYJ to assist you and your entity’s requirements.


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