DALL-E’s Outpainting vs Photoshop’s Generative Fill: Which Is Better at Extending an Image?

I’m hoping the new Beta PS improves this, but my quick testing didn’t show any noticeable improvement. I’m sure once I get a subject properly selected, the generative fill aspect will be a game-changer, or if you are using it for less-precise work (or subjects that it wants to recognize). I know the software will continue to improve, though, so I use it when I can and continue to hope for the best. Select the empty areas, and overlap the edges of the existing image as reference.

Once you sign up, click the download button to get Photoshop. Doing so will install the Creative Suite control panel on your computer. Open the Creative Cloud dashboard, then navigate to the Apps tab.

Generative AI Restores Imperfect Photos to Perfection

Once your image is generated, Leonardo allows you to refine your creation further with its post-processing features. Upscaling, unzooming, background removal, and transfer to the Canvas are all options available to you for enhanced control over your images. Leonardo supports different types of prompts for image generation, including text, image prompts, Yakov Livshits and image-to-image. You can leverage Leonardo’s Alchemy and Prompt Magic v2 features to create impressive 2D images. Firefly has attracted the most attention for its generative fill tool which allows the user to insert items into an image, and remove or modify existing items. All of which can be done from a simple text prompt input by the user.

How Generative AI Can Fill the Workforce Gap – BankInfoSecurity.com

How Generative AI Can Fill the Workforce Gap.

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When you click Generate without text, Photoshop will blend the image into the existing pixels. When the progress bar disappears, Photoshop fills both sides with new AI-generated content. But when you just want to extend the edge of your image, leave the prompt box empty so Photoshop knows to fill the area with content that matches the original photo. A prompt box appears where you can enter text to describe what you want to fill the selected area with. I’ll also show you how to clean up minor problems with the AI-generated content using Photoshop’s new Remove Tool which is another AI-powered feature. As we’ll see, Photoshop fills the extended area with original AI-generated content that matches the lighting, the shadows, the perspective and even the depth of field of the original photo.

Subtracting Objects

Photoshop’s Generative Fill basically does the same thing as its existing content-aware fill tool—mostly used to remove distracting or unwanted objects—but turned up to 11. However, instead of analyzing the single image you’re working on (as content-aware fill would have), Generative Fill is imbued with the horsepower of Adobe’s Firefly AI image generator. It’s rapidly become mainstream Yakov Livshits with ChatGPT, which can help write you a cocktail recipe and even guide you through woodworking projects. To access Photoshop AI generative fill tool is a simple process which requires you to have an Adobe account and the Adobe Creative Cloud installed on your computer. Follow the above steps and you can easily get access and start using and enjoying the generative fill tool.

generative fill ai

There you go – you’ve got a new layer in your file with the added options, and you can always click Generate again to get some new choice to review if you’re not happy with them. The generated options are also saved in the layer, so you don’t lose the ability to swap between them. I think you can probably see how Generative Fill might be a really big help to those using Photoshop who need to add elements. While this image was firmly for fun, I’ll be back in future weeks looking at how to use this tool for a more professional result. And, finally, as I said before, pay attention to exactly how you size and place your selection.

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Best Adobe Firefly Alternatives: Generative AI Review 2023

Nearly anyone can create a bevel on type, but not many realize that from this foundation we can create glass,… Learn how to create movement and animate an object in Photoshop. BTW if you are worried about ai replacing photography, watch this short vid I made. It’s not perfect, but can be cleaned up very easily with Photoshop’s suite of tools. If you look at the Properties panel, you will notice there are 3 options to choose from. Inverse the selection so you are selecting the blank areas.

But instead of using a single Generative layer for both sides, it’s better to generate the content for each side separately. That way, if you like the result on one side but not the other, you can keep the side you like and try again on the side you don’t. Then to add the right side of the canvas to the selection, hold Shift on your keyboard and drag a selection outline around it. Again make sure to include some of the image in the selection. You’ll see another progress bar, and then three new variations will appear above the previous ones. You can generate as many results as you like without losing the ones you had.

Full Breakdown – Adobe Firefly’s Commercial Release

Also note that Generative Fill is creating results at the same resolution as the original photos. This is in contrast to most systems, including Firefly on the web, where the generated images are low resolution, typically 1024 by 1024 pixels. Generative Fill Online is here for fast and easy one-click image edits.

generative fill ai

While our AI is powerful, the results depend on the clarity and specificity of the instructions. We recommend providing clear and detailed prompts to achieve the best outcomes. GenerativeFill.com is designed to cater to a wide range of industries. Whether you’re in healthcare, technology, fashion, or any other sector, our AI can generate content tailored to your needs. Our AI has been trained using industry-standard guidelines, ensuring the generated content complies with platform-specific ad policies.

More from Jim Clyde Monge and Generative AI

The AI landscape is changing rapidly from week to week and it can be hard work to stay informed of the best tools for your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist looking to sell AI art, there exists a generative AI tool that can help elevate, accelerate, and streamline your work and creative process. The best part about these tools is how easily accessible and user-friendly most of them are. Yakov Livshits With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can be using cutting-edge technology and seriously level up your productivity and creativity. It also has an edit feature where you can easily modify the style of an image based on some preset models, as well as a basic generative fill feature. Compared to the other AI image generation tools Dall-E has taken the minimalist approach with very basic functionality.

  • This will help graphic designers like me, who must make do with less-than-perfect customer-supplied images.
  • Combining photos is another great way to use Photoshop AI’s generative fill feature.
  • While Adobe may have entered the generative AI field a bit later than others, it has been making significant strides in recent weeks.
  • The camera’s core features haven’t changed, but the TG-7 gains a refined grip, new interval and ‘construction’ modes, interval shooting, and a USB-C connector.

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