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SHAHID AHMAD & CO., (SACO) has emerged as one of the leading firms of Chartered Accountants offering a wide range of services in Pakistan and abroad, having combined expertise and experience of its partners who have been in accounting practice for around three decades. It offers all the accounting and related financial services including auditing, taxation, corporate-advisory, management consultancy, HR development and I.T (information technology) control services to a large number of cliental covering across the entire documented horizon both from public and private sectors.  It also offers corporate restructuring & advisory services to assist in reshuffle, streamlining and reorganization of entities to operate effectively and gainfully.

SACO in its current name & style is the resultant merger of two independent practices operating in Pakistan and abroad under the name and styles of Shahid Ahmad & Co., (SACO) and Shahid Waheed Younus Jamil, Chartered Accountants, (SWYJ).  SACO is a Member Firm of INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL, representing both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Integra International is one of the fastest growing Global Association of independent accounting and auditing firms serving business organizations throughout the world. The association, operating under a Federation Agreement between two not-for-profit entities under Swiss and United States law respectively, was formed in 1994 and its members have established an infrastructure of mutual support and share the highest standards of professional duties and client services. Integra International has over 130 member firms with 156 offices in more than 70 countries in the world, and due to its medium size, extensive personal contacts have been established and strengthened between the members for their benefit and, more importantly, for the benefit of their clients. Please refer to our “International Affiliation” page and www.integra-international.net, to learn more about SACO’s international presence.

The firm has a nation-wide network of offices in Pakistan at Peshawar, Islamabad, Gawader and Karachi.  In addition to offices in Pakistan, a branch office has been established in Kabul with a coordinating point in Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. All the offices at present are supervised by partners in Pakistan and qualified representation abroad ensuring managerial and professional experience at supervisory levels.  We believe that the strength of professional services depends upon the quality of professional staff.  Keeping this aspect in view in particular, we gathered a team of experienced and qualified personnel with patronage of consulting panels in legal, financial and technical sectors.  They augment their professional expertise and endeavor for endemic growth in their skills.

Our senior staff have worked in top slot positions in their past, including working as founder partners of firm(s) under different name(s).  Accordingly, they are fully conversant with the developments of accounting profession that includes audit and assurance, corporate & tax consulting, business advisory services, HR & IT consulting services, as a result of which their services towards clients are incredible.

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Effective Vision & Value Statements embody clear strategic directions, organizational identity, passion and power to strategic management programs.  Vision statement in case of SACO designates the current and future objectives, intending as a guide to help partners of the firm make decisions that align with their philosophy and declared set of goals. In addition to providing strategic value, well-conceived Vision and Value Statements are viewed to be the critical tools, but they are not the endgame.  SACO’s vision and value methodology is viewed to be equally effective both for private and public sector clients including non-profit organizations’ where unique situation utilizes creative brainstorming with facilitated discussions and stakeholders’ research and input.

SACO believes that a strong vision statement also works to help differentiate the partners’ vision from others by focusing their respective efforts on the core competencies they need to achieve according to the international quality standards and expectations of audit assurance board in case of audit assurance services and in combination of the regulators and stakeholders in all other segments of professional services.

SACO in Pakistan is a leading firms of accountants, approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, as a nation-wide network offices’ firm and subscribes to their Code of Ethics, believing integrity and honesty to guide all phases of the clients and consultant relationship from the explanatory meeting to the final delivery, its special expertise ensures clients attain quality services on cost effective and result orientation solutions.  Excellence is viewed to be the hallmark with clients of all types and sizes.

SACO’s mission is to provide emerging growth companies and businesses that exposure they need to achieve success in the Financial Markets and to help our clients, brokers, investors and employees realize their true potential through mutual growth.

SACO’s vision is built upon a unique, two tiered management structure, which combines the expertise of its management team with the professional as well business knowledge with primary focus to strengthen the operating structure of each entity to lay the foundation for increased growth and profitability.  While “SACO” offers ongoing strategic direction to its clients companies in the areas of finance, accounting, business development, information technology, marketing, legal and human resource development, individual client companies have the autonomy to make the operating decisions necessary to carry out the established business plans.

Welcome and thank you for visiting SACO’s website. I am Muhammad Ahmad Shahid, President, CEO & the Managing Partner.

SACO strives to be the kind of firm with whom clients, employees, trainee-students & other professionals are proud to associate, aiming at helping our clients strengthen their operational efficiency and increase their profitability.  To accomplish this, we dedicate ourselves to the ‘Quality’ and ‘Timely’ Services on top of all besides to expand both in size and in range of services we offer.

I have always believed that when it comes to defining and communicating our firm’s vision and goals, conciseness is a virtue.

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