Affiliates & Strategic Alliances

SACO believes in ‘expansion’ and ‘resources-leads-to-expansion’ of the businesses across the globe.  The partners are aware of the fact that alliances can help entities in achieving market share and undertaking beneficial projects while retaining independence.  With these aims and understanding, SACO invariably plans expanding new markets in the accounting, business risk management, IT, HR, capacity-building, professional education including online and distance learning programs, improve services or develop an edge over competitors within profession.  The mission is to work towards common goal(s) to achieve organic-growth more quickly than if anybody had to be acted alone; and which benefits the alliance-partners on a win-win situation.
SACO is blessed with affiliates and strategic alliance partners of national and international repute involved in auditing, taxation, financial advisory, information technology, valuation of assets and HR management services, some of them are as follows:

  • IECnet S.K.S.S.S., Chartered Accountants (IECnet)
  • IECnet Consulting (Private) Limited (IECnet)
  • Project Masters Limited (PML)
  • Excellence Community Helping Organization (ECHO)
  • Abacus Consulting (Pvt) Limited (Abacus)
  • IDG- Digital Arts, United Kingdom  (DWA)
  • Afghan Rehabilitation Education Program (AREP)– Afghanistan
  • Finman Group (FinGroup) Islamabad www.consultfinman.com
  • Brains Education Group – Brains Institute, Peshawar
  • Isaac Law Associates
  • The Juricstax Consultants
IECnet S.K.S.S.S., Chartered Accountants (IECnet Pakistan)

IECnet S.K.S.S.S. (IECnet Pakistan) is a QCR rated firm of Chartered Accountants, operating nationwide offices in Pakistan.  IECnet is on the panel of State Bank of Pakistan, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan besides being registered with Audit Oversight Board (AOB).  The Managing Partner of IECnet Pakistan is the founder partner of SACO, and is blessed with a team of experts working on IECnet platform (both on quality audit assurance and advisory of all types within the profession), hence could be deemed as strongest affiliation or strategic alliance without compromising on each other’s independence or on ‘quality-aspects’ of the resources exchanged by and amongst the affiliates.

IECnet Consulting (Private) Limited

IECnet Consulting (Private) Limited (the ‘consulting company’) is managed and governed by a group of seasoned chartered accountants, primarily formed to extend professional expertise for new IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) as the only approved company in Pakistan by SECP (Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan).   The consulting company is equally eligible to undertake wide range of consultancy projects involving investment and disinvestment worth millions of dollars.

Project Masters Limited

Project Masters Limited (PML- the ‘advisory  company’) has been incorporated in Pakistan which is extensively involved in undertaking consulting projects encompassing planning and designing of new ventures, establishment of businesses, effective implementation, appraisals, evaluations, expansion, reorganizing or restructuring of investment or management control and/or disinvestment and liquidation of varied types. PML in fanatical association and affiliation with “SACO” has undertaken and successfully accomplished number of assignments covering aforesaid services at one or the other stages.  The cliental of the “SACO” with its affiliated partner “PML” includes commercial, industrial, non-governmental concerns including donor agencies like UNICEF, World Food Program & World Health Organization etc.

Excellence Community Helping Organization (ECHO)

ECHO is an entity incorporated in Pakistan as “Not for Profit Organization” registered under Section 5 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. ECHO for that matter has signed a professional affiliation with SACO in connection with referrals of projects of mutual benefits in the social and promotional sector. SACO has already completed skill development training for professional manager and accountants on the request of ECHO.

Abacus Consulting Technology (Pvt) Ltd.

IECnet is representing Abacus Consulting as a coordinating business resource for KP region for over 05 years through a full-fledged Project Director, Dr. Aminullah based in IECnet Peshawar office. Abacus has pioneered the business transformation services industry in Pakistan, since 1987. Over our 30-year journey, we have evolved through a focus on building deep partnerships with global leaders and sustained investment in widening our global reach. We have constantly been expanding our operations and currently have offices in 5 countries, serving over 600 enterprise clients across the globe, with a special focus on emerging markets. IECnet Pakistan, through its renowned IT sector affiliate partner, ABACUS, is passionate to our clients as advisors, consultants, technology specialists, systems integrators and outsourcers. Some of the prominent strategic partner of ABACUS are as under:

Digital Arts – IDG

IDG is the world’s leading technology mediadata and marketing services company. IDG influence the most powerful tech buyers in the world — from business technologists to enthusiasts and everyone in between. Technology is constantly evolving, with each change bringing a need for clarity. Through our websites, events and international publications, IDG provides the insights that tech buyers need to put technology to work in their professional and personal lives.  IDG activates and engages the most influential technology buyers in 147 countries around the globe, including Pakistan.

Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Education Program ‘AREP’

AREP is in existence since 1994 as an independent NGO with learning experience as a development organization comes from its working association with communities in different areas of Afghanistan.  More importantly, the development and growth of the organization have been through an evolutionary process, in a continually war seeing crisis of a complex emergency situation in the country. While such a situation posed numerous challenges to AREP in implementing its programs, and fostering its own organizational growth, it also provided the organization with a rich experience of managing complex and diverse development issues.  AREP has implemented integrated rural development and capacity development throughout Afghanistan as well as Peshawar (Pakistan) focusing emergency and disaster mitigation as an important part of AREP’s undertakings in its humanitarian relief assistance programs.  AREP’s in association with SACO- Afghanistan has undertaken capacity building projects in various cities of the country such as Kabul, Nangarharm Leghman, Herat, Kunduz and Mazar-e-Sharif.  AREP’s programs focuses seeking poor families’ help obtaining these basic human rights and focusing reconstruction and education.

Finman Group- Islamabad

Consult Finman was founded as consulting firm in Islamabad by industry professionals. Over the years, the Group earned repute and honor from its clients. Its expansion has resulted from its modernized and diversified business approach. Yet it has introduced consultancy with a new look which is totally different from traditional consulting style. The firm’s experienced professionals are assisted by experienced and committed staff members, having local as well as international professional qualifications The firm has qualified accountants, tax advisers, tax experts, financial & management consultants, and IT experts who work closely to provide the optimum level of advice and efficient services. The knowledge and expertise of senior consultants & associates enable us to bring depth of knowledge and professionalism together to fulfill client needs ranging from assistance on small, specific projects to major, long-term negotiations and consulting, thus providing a full spectrum of quality services to our valued clients.  SACO in affiliation with Finman Group has undertaken several projects of common interests including conducting training and workshops by exchange of each other’s resources quite successfully.

Isaac Law Associates - ILA

One of the associates namely Isaac Law Associates (ILA) is the closest professional associates of SACO.  ILA, established 1995, is a diversified law firm is providing nationwide services directly and through its associates across the country.  ILA is full service law firm with emphasis on constitutional, corporate and business laws.  Taxati0n (Custom, Sales Tax, Federal Excise, Income Tax) Banking, Contract, Arbitration, International Trade, Transit Trade and Regulations, are at the core of the firm.  Family matters, Immigration, Criminal Laws Service, Labor Laws Assessment Management, Election Disputes, Copy Rights and Trade Marks Laws, Civil Suits are regular services of the firm.  Power, Petroleum, Gas, Mineral, Precious Stone are recent attention of the firm.  Execution of foreign courts decrees ia another areas of specialization of the firm.  ILA is closely related to SACO and IECnet providing professional services in the financial sector including extending services on establishment and operation of PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) mainly for the public sector entities at large.

Amir Evaluators and Consultants

Amir Evaluators from Peshawar and Impulse (Pvt) Limited, from Islamabad have opted to consent working affiliations of the two firms of valuation duly placed on approved panel of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) have closest association with SACO as far as valuation matters is concerned.  SACO has the honor to indicate that it has undertaken and successfully accomplished several projects of common interests.