Tax Compliance

SACO has employed dedicated team(s), headed by a Director Taxation in Pakistan and a full-fledged Taxation Advisor in Afghanistan providing extensive tax advisory services and solutions that meet your total tax planning needs.  The taxation advisory services department in each office is fully capable to handle dissimilar issues, but not limited to the following:

  • Preparation and filing of periodical statements/returns of income/sales tax;
  • Preparation and filing of annual tax returns for all categories of taxpayers;
  • Assisting clients in taxation planning and other advisory matters;
  • Assisting non-resident clients for their tax obligation & matters incidental thereto;
  • Preparation and filing of appeal(s) in accordance with the provisions of law;
  • Preparation of detailed written arguments for appellate authorities of all levels;
  • Attending hearing(s) before the appellate authorities;
  • Assisting clients in confronting selection of cases for audits;
  • Assisting clients in confronting notices and proceedings for withholding provisions;
  • Assisting clients in preparation of wealth statements and wealth reconciliations;
  • Assisting clients in DTRE approvals, and matters of imports, duties, taxes etc;
  • Processing exemption certificates, obtaining refunds of income/sales tax-credits;
  • Processing NTN/STRNs for new entrants and renewals thereof;
  • e. filing and dealing matters incidental thereto;
  • Assisting clients in profile registration and matters incidental thereto;

Qualified representation of SACO has been nominated on various committees of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Pakistan besides serving on Joint Advisory Committee constituted by Regional Tax Office and Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  Likewise, SACO is honored to have its nomination on ADRCs (Alternate Dispute Resolution Committees) constituted by Federal Board of Revenue in a number of disputed cases on subject of income tax and sales tax.
SACO offices in Afghanistan are fully capable to extend dedicated services based on Afghan Income Tax Law, Afghan Income Tax Manual, Governed Tax Guides & Public Rolling.  Moreover, we facilitate in processing tax-custom related issues in Afghan Custom and Revenue Departments, computation and determination of fixed taxes, assisting clients in responding notices received from Afghan Revenue and Custom Departments.