Information Technology

Nearly every business has opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability by using technology more extensively. SACO’s accounting software professionals can help your business identify and realize these opportunities. Our information technology staff can assist you to accommodate changing business needs and take advantage of new and emerging technology through:

  • Computer network design, installation and support;
  • Database development;
  • Hardware and software systems analysis;
  • System support and troubleshooting;
  • Integration of internet and intranet technologies;
  • Resource management; and
  • Systems security and disaster recovery ……

In addition, SACO provides consulting, sales and support for the accounting system that best fits your businesses. We are an authorized reseller and consultant for QuickBooks accounting software – a software package that is particularly effective for many of our SME clients. SACO also has expertise in many other software packages, so whether it is QuickBooks, Peachtree, Tally, Financial Oracles, ERP & SAP etc., we can help you identify the software that will serve you best, install it, and train you to use it effectively.

SACO’s affiliates are fully resourceful to serve your requirements timely and most effectively.