Transaction Advisory Services

Generally, governmental agencies are desirous to seek assistance from external advisors to complement its own team and supplement its resources & expertise for designing and developing business partnership or partnership of resources or a public –private partnership.  SACO believes that every deal presents unique opportunities, risks and challenges and feel confident to provide Transaction Advisory assistance since blessed with potential experts and advisory resources in dissimilar sectors such as legal, financial and technical.  These experts under the SACO’s lead can develop pre-feasibility and feasibility studies as well as drafting bidding documents and support contracting agency in procuring and negotiating the project(s).  It has been experienced that the government agencies in such cases prefer to engage one main advisor (or firm of advisors) in leading preference enabling them to deal with one entity only rather than a number of advisors.

SACO’s value creation approach helps deliver value throughout all stages of the transaction life cycle and in the process, it recognizes that it can confront confusion in some clauses of the PPP project documents if not carefully considered, especially in the infrastructure projects, such as following sample clauses:


SACO is experienced in drafting TORs meant for Transaction Advisory Assistance and related checklists meant for dissimilar sectors viz. (i) Power (ii) Transport (iii) Telecom (iv) Water & sanitation; and (v) Solid-waste management besides TORs meant for PPP implementation unit, legislative drafting and review etc.